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Analysis of Extruder of Plastic Extrusion Machines

Analysis of Extruder of Plastic Extrusion Machines Among units in plastic extrusion machine, plastic extruders are often called host machines. Their subsequent devices which used to support plastic extrusion and forming are called auxiliary machines. After 100 years of development […]

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Four development trends of plastic extruder

Plastic extruder (main machine) can be used with pipes, films, materials, monofilaments, flat yarns, packing belts, extruded nets, plates (sheets), profiles, granulation, cable coating, etc. Matching, forming various plastic extrusion molding lines to produce various plastic products。 After more than […]

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Extruder classification and its structure

Extruder classification and its structure Extruders are generally divided into single-screw extruders, twin-screw extruders, and multi-screw extruders in terms of the number of screws. Screw extruder consists of four parts: plasticizing system, heating and cooling system, transmission system and electrical […]

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hollow wall winding pipe extrusion line

Super High Speed Hollow Wall Winding Pipe Line

The hollow wall winding pipe production line is a highly efficient and energy-saving unit independently researched and developed by our company. It has low energy consumption, high output, and easy operation. It can produce various kinds of hollow wall winding […]

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PE pipe performance parameter index

PE pipe is a commonly used pipe material in construction engineering. It is mainly used for water supply and drainage. Here we have a look at the performance parameters of PE pipe: ▲First, what is PE100 polyethylene pipe? The development […]

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PLASTPOL 2018 Jiangsu Xinrong Science&Technology Development Co.,Ltd is going to attend PLASTPOL 2018 in 22-25th, May 2018 at Kielce International Exhibition Center, Poland. Our booth number is A-67. welcome to visit~~ Exhibits samples: Corrugated pipe PE Steel Belt Reinforced Spiral Corrugated Pipe Ppr pipe Pe pipe Composite pipe Window profile […]

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Pe 630mm Extrusion Line

Pe 630mm Extrusion Line PE pipe extrusion lineis developed by XinRong based on European advanced technology and R&D experience of the plastic machinery for many years. Advanced design, reasonable structure, high reliability, high degree automation of the complete line. Extruder with […]

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