Plastic Multi-layer Pipe Extrusion Line

Our company has finished manufacturing of PPR63 multi-layer co-extrusinon line and PE250 multi-layer co-extrusion line. We are waiting our company to our company for checking and testing of both machines.

For PPR63 multi-layer co-extrusion line, pipe size range from 16-63mm. For PE250 multi-layer co-extrusion line, pipe size range from 75-250mm.

The purpose of multi-layer co-extrusion is to combine the modified material with normal material in order to increase pipe performance and reduce cost.

For example, double layer PPR pipe: outer layer with anti-UV PPR material, inner layer with antibacterial PPR material. In this way, the service life of PPR pipe will be much more longer and will also increase pipe hygiene.

If use PPR three layer pipe: for outer layer and inner layer, they will be same as double layer PPR pipe. However, the middle layer will be normal PPR material. This way will have the same benefit as double layer PPR pipe, also the cost will be lower.

Our company specialized in design and customize plastic extrusion machine for customers. We are founded in the year 1996, 23 years until now. We are continuously focusing on researching, developing plastic extrusion machinery and gain a lot of valuable experience.
Hope we can have good and long term cooperation in near future!

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