• PVC Board/Sheet Extrusion

PVC Board/sheet Extrusion
Compact, formed or co-extruded PVC Board/sheet
PVC sheets are in great demand in the building construction and advertising sectors. PVC, above all, is a proven plastic material in construction and fittings for ceilings, wall and door paneling, but also for trade fair and display construction. The application possibilities for PVC sheets are virtually unlimited, since they are easy to process and consequently offer ample scope for design.

Basically, a distinction is made between compact, foamed and co-extruded, bonded multi-layer boards, that can come in a great variety of surface structures and different colors. What they all have in common is unsurpassed cost-efficiency.

PVC sheets are light, durable and resistant to weathering, chemicals and corrosion. Thanks to their excellent surface quality, they are perfect materials for sign makers to work on. They are easily glued together, laminated and printed on, can be formed thermally and are flame resistant.

Foamed sheets also possess excellent heat and sound insulation properties and high impact resistance.

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