• Crushed Flakes Washing Machine

Crushed Flakes Washing Machine

  1. Whole plastic recycling line is including crush, hot wash washer, or cold washer ,dewater and dry the PP/PE flakes.
  2. Simple structure, easy operation, large capacity, energy-saving, safety.
  3. Automatic controlling, compacted structure, excellent production ability, perfect clean ability.

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Processing material for Crushed flakes washing machine:
Crushed flakes washing machine can be used for LDPE HDPE PP bottle ,jerrycan, pipe recycling and washing.

Work process of Crushed flakes washing machine:
Belt conveyor-crusher-spiral, feeder-friction washer-spiral, feeder-floating tank-spiral, feeder-floating tank-spiral feeder-centrifugal dewatering-pipe dryer -silo


  1. Floating, washing tank can be changed as per customer's needs
  2. Machine component like shredder, crusher also add as per customer's needs
  3. Washing line size can be prolonged and short as the process material dirty content like oil, sand, ink


  1. Professional design team with 30-year experiences.
  2. Washing line size can be design as customer need.
  3. Applying to various material.
  4. High efficiency and high performance.
  5. Save your labor and electrical cost.
  6. PLC integrated and separated control on each machine.
  7. Touchscreen panel, easy operation, monitor and maintenance.
  8. Machine raw material: high-quality 304 stainless steel, hard and bear resistance, make sure the long using life
    Excellent clean ability.

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