• Drainage Pipe Extrusion

Drainage Pipe Extrusion
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Sealing of more and more natural land surfaces leads to rising volumes of water flowing into the sewerage system, overloading water treatment plants and discharge systems and increasing the risk of flooding. Sealing of land also causes the groundwater level to fall. Rising costs for drinking water are an unpleasant consequence. Correctly planned drainage systems for targeted extraction of water from the soil and drainage of rain water and surface water are therefore of paramount importance for modern road construction and the structural stability of buildings. The term drainage covers all measures that make it possible or easier for water to run off. In all such measures it is also important to prevent erosion of the top soil.

While in the 1950s and 1960s unglazed, porous earthenware pipes were laid underground and surrounded with slag, today exclusively perforated plastic pipes are used. Preference is given to PVC, PE or PP pipes which quickly established themselves in the market thanks to their easy transport and handling properties, durability, light weight and cost-efficiency. The non-pressure plastic pipes provide protection against chemical loads through acids and alkalis, and are also resistant to weathering and corrosion.

Depending on the environment in which they are laid, either perforated, fully walled pipes or corrugated pipes up to DN500 are used.

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