• WPC Profile Extrusion

WPC (wood-plastic composite) Profile Extrusion
Eco-friendly WPC Profiles
Wood plastic composites (WPC) can be formed by a thermoplastic process and consist of renewable materials (natural fibers), mostly synthetic plastics and additives. Typical WPC products are, for example, extruded profiles for decking consisting of 65% wood flour, 30% polyethylene or polypropylene and 5% additives, such as bonding agents, UV protection additives and colorants.

Although thermoplastic WPC products have only been in existence for a few years, they have already conquered a sizeable market, thanks to their superior attributes. In contrast to wood materials, WPCs can be freely formed and are more resistant to moisture, and consequently possess excellent resistance to weathering. Compared to synthetic plastics, WPC compounds score with their lower prices, touch, natural look, higher stiffness and significantly lower thermal expansion.

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