Stainless Steel Cooling Tank Produced for Our Foreign Customer

Our company supply cooling tank made of pure stainless steel 304, without painting on the surface.

There are four models of these cooling tanks, for maximum pipe size of: 63mm, 250mm, 400mm and 630mm.


In addition to the foot screw which can adjust the tank up and down, we have added more sections at the bottom to adjust the height of tank further.


With quality stainless steel pipeline, together with big filter to increase cooing water purity and prevent blocking spray nozzle.


With hand wheel adjusting device to adjust the position of pipe support inside tank for different pipe sizes. Also with pointer and scale to make adjustment easier and accurate.


The tank body is equipped with a key switch, which is convenient and simple to use.


The large-area stainless steel cover makes it easier to observe the cooling effect of the pipe.
A rubber pad is placed on the cover to increase sealing and cushioned load.


The high-quality nozzle has a stronger spray cooling effect and is not easy to block.

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