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It uses three-layer co-extrusion technology. Outer layer and inner layer are modified PP raw material. Middle layer is a special sound-proof viscous material. The main ingredient of this material is the compound of inorganic mineral filler, PP and thermoplastic elastomer.
The whole line is equipped with SIEMENS PLC control system and a Human Machine Interface.  it has beautiful appearance, high automation and stable performance.

Pipe Advantage

Superior silent effect: pipe density and macrostructure can be adjusted by adding some special material. It can absorb sound and soundproof effect is better than casted iron pipe.

Super chemical corrosion resistance: pipe inside acid resistance is up to PH2 and alkali resistance is up to PH12.

High temperature resistance: long time temperature can be 95 ℃, the instantaneous temperature can be 97 ℃.

Good impact resistance: the solid outer layer not only protects the middle structure, but also ensures good impact resistance of pipe.

Advanced flexible connection: convenient installation, not being limited by the installation environment, can reduce installation cost, good water tightness and self-regulation performance. Without using the slip joint, it can save fittings to avoid water shock pipe wall and voice to the next pipe.

Environmental performance: polypropylene belongs to the non-toxic materials and can be recycled many times.

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