Pe 630mm Extrusion Line

Pe 630mm Extrusion Line

PE pipe extrusion lineis developed by XinRong based on European advanced technology and R&D experience of the plastic machinery for many years. Advanced design, reasonable structure, high reliability, high degree automation of the complete line.

Extruder with special barrel feeding structure can largely improve extrusion capacity.
Accurate temperature control, good plasticization, stable operation.
The complete line adopts PLC control system, realizing synchronization and automation.
Human-computer interface is easy to operate, convenient and reliable.
Spiral and lattice basket type die head for choice.
Dust-free knife cutter and saw cutter for choice.
Changing some parts of the line can also realize two-layer and multi-layer co-extrusion.
Changing some parts of the line can also produce PP, PB pipes.

This machine has a total of 27 specifications requested by guests.

Now we are producing pe 630mm800mm1000mm1200mm pipe line, welcome inquiry, welcome to Jiangsu Xinrong.

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