Introduction: Aluminum-plastic composite pipe as a high-quality, multi-characteristics of the pipe, the structure should be five. It is the middle layer of welded aluminum tube, inner and outer PE plastic and aluminum foil and the outer layer of PE between the hot melt adhesive through high temperature, high pressure co-extruded composite five-layer composite pipe, the middle of the aluminum alloy metal pipe is the skeleton. This pipe is the perfect combination of metal pipe and plastic pipe, set the advantages of metal and plastic pipe in one, showing excellent performance. Aluminum-plastic composite from the five layers of a composite material from the inside and outside the five materials are: high temperature polyethylene, hot melt adhesives, aluminum, hot melt adhesives, high temperature polyethylene.

The new precision aluminum tube forming stereotypes system: to ensure that the welding process in the welding line to expand the stability to ensure the formation of high-quality aluminum tube.

Coextrusion composite mold: a unique five-layer co-extrusion technology to ensure a stable production of high-quality aluminum-plastic composite pipe, advanced sizing technology can guarantee the sizing quality. Imported aluminum-plastic pipe butt welding or lap welding ultrasonic welding machine, roller-type aluminum tube to ensure high yield, the ideal product extrusion, stable high-performance aluminum-plastic pipe welding machine to weld the plain, high welding quality, pipe use long life.

Aluminum welding machine: to ensure that equipment for a long time continuous production of high yield aluminum-plastic composite pipe, so that the replacement of the mold is very easy.

Aluminum auxiliary equipment: special design of the double common storage rack can be continuously transported to the aluminum belt welding machine, aluminum tape storage device can make the product continuous production, high-performance molding platform to ensure that the high-quality aluminum-plastic composite pipe Quality molding.

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