Introduction on Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Pipes

Nowadays, plastic pipe has been widely applied in many fields: convey liquid, gas and heat, cable protection, irrigation and other applications. There are many plastic pipes made by different plastic materials. Below are advantages and disadvantages of several common plastic pipes for comparison.

Plastic Pipe Pipe picture Advantages Disadvantages
RTP pipe rtp pipe The pressure of Aramid fiber reinforced pipe is up to 9-14Mpa.

The explode pressure can be 40Mpa.

Currently the RTP pipe is mainly used in

industrial field,especially at oil exploitation

area, such as Middle East hot desert, the

cold Siberian area and sea oil well.

Price of RTP pipe is relatively


HDPE pipe HDPE pipe Good toughness, good fatigue strength,

good temperature resistance.

light weight, good flexibility and good

impact resistance.

Need electrical welding ,

mechanical connections,

large fittings



PVC pipe Strong corrosion resistance, ease of

bonding, cheap, hard texture

UPVC monomer and additives

may use out of pipe, not

suitable for hot water


high bonding technology

for joints and longer

curing time

PPR pipe PPR Pipe Good temperature resistance Under same pressure and

medium temperature,

it has the thickest wall.

PEX pipe PEX pipe Good heat resistance, good creep


Can only be connected by

metal parts,cannotbe

recycled for reuse

PB pipe PB pipe Good heat resistance, good tensile

and compressivestrength,

good impact resistance, low creep

and high flexibility

Price of PB material is

relatively higher

CPVC pipe CPVC Pipe Has the best temperature resistance

among thesepipes,good anti-aging


Price of CPVC material is

relatively higher



PEX-Ai pipe Easy bending and forming, completely

eliminating oxygen permeation

and small linear expansion coefficient

Non-uniform wall thickness
ABS pipe ABS pipe High strength and impact resistance Poor UV-resistance and

longer adhesive curing time

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