Steel Wire Reinforced Polyethylene Pipe Line

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About Technology:

Using the wire wrapping technology, the polyethylene pipe has been reinforced by high strength steel cord in the middle layer. The composite structure results the pipe materials saving and pressure improving. The new technology can make the HDPE pipe stronger, durable and in the mean time reduce the material cost definitely.

Two layers or four layers of steel cords are wrapped on the polyethylene core pipe. And the adhesive resin is filled in the space between the steel mesh and polyethylene; bond them to form a stable mesh structure. Then the steel reinforced layer is covered by a thin layer of polyethylene.

The tensile strength of used steel cord is from 1800 to 2100 MPa which is much higher than polyethylene, so when compared with the pipes which use HDPE only, this composite structure pipe can increase averagely 130% of the burst pressure.
Steel wire, fiberglass, polyester fiber or other kinds of high stiffness fiber could be used as the reinforcement material on the polyethylene pipe.

Material Cost Saving

The wall thickness ratio between SRTP and HDPE is from 0.52 to 0.75, the maximum wall thickness reduce is 48%.

The pipe total weight difference ratio between SRTP and HDPE is from 0.6 to 0.8, the maximum weight reducing is 40% which is happened on DN630 pipe. And pipe DN710 to DN1000 also has more than 30% weight reducing.

For SRTP pipe, the total weight include the HDPE and Steel cord. Because the price of steel cord raw material is less than half of the HDPE price, so the total pipe material cost is saving more than 40%.

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