PVC 51 Profile Production Line

Main Technical Features

1.The production line uses conical twin screw extruder or parallel twin extruder.It can produce PVC door and window profile,aluminum-plastic composite profile and cross section cable pipes,etc.

2.It’s optimized designed introducing new technology.The line has features: stable plasticization, high output, low sheering force, long service life and other advantages. After simple changing of the screw, barrel and die, it also can produce foam profiles.

Application :

Profiles for the building industry


–door frame and board

–cable duct

–ceiling panel

Technical profile for industry

1.Conical twin-screw extruder is perfect,with PVC powder or granular material.

2.Mould designed by different kinds of profile customer required.

3.supply formula guide and staple raw material purchase.

We now have the factory profile, door, pe, dwc and other production lines, welcome to the factory to view the machine, waiting for your offer

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