PP hollow Construction Template Extrusion line

Recently, our company's customized PP hollow construction template extrusion line is being tested. The PP hollow construction template extrusion line has been successfully developed by our company to absorb and digest foreign advanced extrusion technology and independent invention and innovation. The thickne ss of the plate produced by our machine ranges from 12-20MM, the width can be customized from 915-1220mm.
The whole extrusion line consists of extruder,hydraulic screen changer, metering pump, mold, calibration table,cooling frame,primary haul off unit,cooling frame,secondary haul off unit,transverse cutting unit and conveyor.

Compared with the traditional template, it has the following characteristics:
1. Good water resistance. Even if it is completely immersed in water for many days, it will not be deformed by moisture. It will not rot and rust.
2. It is incompatible with cement and sticky. It is easy to demould after construction and will not be deformed by cement adhesion.
3. High construction efficiency and good quality. The surface of the building under construction is smooth and flat, and no secondary modification is necessary.
4. Saved the process and improved the construction efficiency. At the same time, when the template is processed, the surface of the template can be pretreated to obtain the desired wall pattern.
5. Light weight and convenient construction.
6. Long life and repeated use. The final damaged plastic formwork can still be crushed again, re-processed into a new formwork, saving resources and meeting the requirements of “green industry”.
7. Good insulation, which is conducive to shortening the construction period.
8. It can be processed by adding wood and can be welded, so it can be flexibly processed at the construction site.

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