1200mm large diameter solid wall pipe production line

    High-efficiency extruders for HDPE (PP, ABS) pipes for production lines. The screw adopts a structure with a barrier and a mixing head. The barrel uses a new type of slotting barrel, which has good plasticizing and mixing effects, and has a large and stable extrusion volume. Designed for HDPE (PP, ABS) large-diameter thick-walled pipe designed blue die head, the die has a low melt temperature, good mixing performance, low cavity pressure, stable production characteristics.
The sizing and cooling system adopts water film lubrication and water ring cooling to meet the requirements of HDPE (PP, ABS) materials, ensuring the stable diameter and roundness when producing thick-walled tubes at high speed. The specially designed vacuum sizing box with multi-stage control vacuum ensures HDPE (PP, ABS) pipe dimensional stability and roundness. Extruders and tractors adopt imported brand-name governors for movement and control, with good stability, high precision and high reliability.
The entire production line runs and time is controlled by the PLC programmatically. A good man-machine interface is set up. All process parameters can be set and displayed through the touch screen. Can be equipped with marking line special extruder to produce colored marking lines that meet the requirements of national standards.

The difference from the previous production line is that the 1200 pipe is made of nude color instead of milky white.

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